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Veronica C
5 stars sm

My husband and I were in town for a mini getaway, we have never done an escape room and decided to try this place. On our way there we started having car trouble so I went in to cancel our reservation needing to address the car so we could make it back home the next day. When I went in the staff was very calming and tried to help us locate a nearby shop but being 6pm most were closed. They suggested allowing the car to cool and they themselves would look at it and see if they could fix it for us. So we played! It was a great time all the while this family owned business went above and beyond and went to get their own tools and address the brake issue in their parking lot. The gentleman was able to fix it and didn't ask anything in return. What a giving family, they made us feel welcome and comfortable while waiting. Very friendly people. We did The Cabin room, the room was well thought out and offered great puzzle solving. The clues offered always pointed us in the right direction when we would get stuck. Team work is key. If we ever come back to the area we will for sure try the other rooms. And we were able to escape with 34 seconds to spare!! Go to this place!!!


5 stars sm

My friends and I are avid fans of escape rooms. We love the challenge of solving intricate puzzles and the teamwork necessary to be ultimately successful. We have visited quite a few escape rooms across the state in the past, but Twisted Room Escapes is by far the best! Each experience has been unique, challenging and incredibly fun!

We have played two rooms thus far, The Cabin and Missing Maestro, and both are excellent! We recommend both equally and are excited to play the rest! They are dripping with theme, overflowing with ingenious puzzles and full of surprises around every corner. The rooms are expertly constructed, where you cannot help but notice the superior quality and extreme attention to detail. Every object in the room is strategically placed and nothing feels accidental... if it doesn't add to a puzzle, it adds to the overall theme and story. Once you believe you have everything figured out to escape, you are faced with even more exciting challenges.

The puzzles are much more than just decoding combinations for locks or finding keys to open doors... you have to find patterns, pop open hidden compartments, listen to encoded audio messages, etc. Extremely creative! It is important that you pay attention to everything as Twisted Room Escapes does a superb job in making you feel challenged. Each of the rooms we have played has been jam-packed with puzzles to solve - much more than any other escape room we have tried thus far. You definitely get your money's worth!

As if it couldn't get any better, the staff is extremely professional and very friendly. After each room, we have shared our experiences with them and relived the particular puzzles we enjoyed most. At the conclusion, pass or fail, you get a thematic photo taken complete with props! Be sure to take your phone as they are more than happy to snap a separate photo just for you.

Twisted Room Escapes is exciting and memorable for those who love escape rooms! They provide a top-quality and satisfying game experience for everyone! Be sure to check them out as we give them our highest recommendation!!!


Karin J
5 stars sm

It was our first time to experience an escape room and we all had so much fun! Had a group of 15 and 16 year old boys and they didn't stop talking about it on the 45 minute drive home. The employees were so friendly and really made the experience even better. We will be going back! Did I mention that you don't have the additional fees for parking?


David L
5 stars sm

Great escape room! We've been twice with a group of 6 people and the rooms have been wonderful! The staff there is very accommodating and friendly, it feels very personal. We can't wait for the submarine room to be complete so we can come try it out!


Kristi O
5 stars sm

One of the best we've done!
We have done quite a few escape rooms in the Midwest area, and this was the best themed games we have done. We did the 'Missing Maestro' game, and we found the games and clues to be unique and interesting. Some escape rooms just end up being a key that unlocks a box that holds another key and that gets boring. I did not find that to be true here. We had an 11 year old and a 7 year old, and the room was entirely appropriate for them. We are seasoned escapers, but it wasn't too easy for us. They do have a 15 minute training room if you need to find out what escape rooms are all about. 10/10 would do again!


Erin C
5 stars sm

This was the best puzzles I've seen! I love that it's so unique & y'all make them yourselves! It's a family owned & operated company love that! Hoping to come back soon!


Yuehwern Y
5 stars sm

Have done close to 80 rooms now. The Cabin is on our top five rooms. We are close to exhaust all the rooms in Indy area and the Cabin Definitely is the best rooms in Indy area. The people who run this place are like a big family and the room is beautifully done. So much fun!! We did all the other rooms right after and look forward to their new rooms in the future.


Sonnet J
5 stars sm

Absolutely loved it!!! Clever puzzles, great sets with lots of attention to detail. Did the Missing Maestro and The Cabin with a group of friends and family- we didn't quite make it out on time but really enjoyed the experience. The staff is friendly and their timing of hints is perfect. They won't let you get frustrated or stuck, which makes it super fun. And loved the "mini" room for training purposes to help get your brain thinking about how to solve the puzzles. This was definitely the most fun I've had in a long time!


Mark M
5 stars sm

I loved TRE! Very challenging amd a lot of fun! Very impressed with the puzzles and with the scenic design of the room! Had a great time and the staff was excellent in doing a training room and offer hints. We will definitely come back!


Kyrsten P
5 stars sm

Everyone was so friendly. The welcomes us as soon as we walked in the door. We even got to do a little starter room to get our minds going for the real deal! The room was super creative and fun. (Although I nearly peed my pants at one point) would like to take on their other room and get out with even more time to spare! Our game master was super helpful as well. Thanks Hope for all your help!


Taylor B
5 stars sm

I've done 21 escape rooms and this establishment holds 2 places in my top 5 favorite rooms. The staff is incredible. So accommodating and very welcoming! Their rooms are extremely unique and they're thought of and executed by the owners. The puzzles are very fun and so creative. I would recommend this place to anyone who is new to escape rooms or experienced! I can't wait for them to open more rooms!